Tuesday, 11 March 2014


 Birthday cake.
 Gone glamping with amazing people.

 Us at Caravan Serai, Bentong

 BBQ dinner



 Kimbleh in her natural habitat.

 We're 3!

 Reuben Stiller!

 Andy, myself and John Hafiz post Foals.

 Bumped into Teyn.

Got my hands on these and they're amazing!

Thursday, 20 February 2014


 Dressed for dinner with The Hashims. Dress by Ezra. Shoes by Nelissa Hilman.

 Acting busy at STUDIO VERVE.

 Love Garage 2014, JAKARTA.

 Stranded because of the rain.

Super soaked but extremely stoked with Phoenix's set. 

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 Jelly on my feet.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013



With Lara Hassan

With Sheng Mae

With Ie Tjer

With Fanessa, Nik Johann and Amirah. These are the people behind Bailey Nelson Malaysia

Syakirah, Fiqa, Diyana Shah and Sandra Woo

With Sandra Woo



So it all started with us -- Kuman, Afiq, Syakirah and myself doing f-all at Mukha one evening and I said,

"Hey guys... Let's like, have a trunk show here."

"What's a trunk show, B?"

"It's like, when you have like, stuff and you wanna show it to like, a certain people first before anyone else... ya know?"

And Kuman was like, "Dude (Afiq)... Can showcase your sunnies, man!"

And I'm like, "You're selling sunnies now? What? Where? CAN I SEEEEE?"

"Yaaa... I'm bringing in sunnies by Bailey Nelson. Like, I want to be their sole distributor in Malaysia."

"Cool stuff, dude!"

Then I kinda explained to them that Echo & Keera need like, a platform to launch our Luxe Accessories collection and it'll be so much fun to collaborate and do this mother like, TOGETHER!

Kuman was like, "I wanna showcase my furniture thingy as well. My Ard Krate"

Everyone said "YES!" So, yes guys, YES! 

That's how TRIO TRUNK SHOW came about.



1.  What is Trio Trunk Show?
Trio Trunk Show is a collaboration between young local entrepreneurial designers showcasing KL’s latest bold and contemporary pieces for modern urban living. As part of its 2013 debut, Trio Trunk Show will launch today’s upcoming designs, focusing on self-crafted furnishing, luxe accessories and trendy eyewear.

2.  How did Trio Trunk Show come about?
Trio Trunk Show kicked off when a group of friends decided that a platform for local designers such as themselves were not readily available. They then decided to create an event themselves to display their latest range of self-designed, functional art pieces.

3.  Who is the target group for Trio Trunk Show?
Trio Trunk Show is open to anyone and everyone who loves unique design, creativity and innovative craftsmanship.

4.  What makes Trio Trunk Show different from other events that also sell hand-crafted and uniquely designed items?
Trio Trunk Show is an event created by young and up and coming entrepreneurs for young Malaysians who are like-minded. We understand that it may sometimes be a struggle for local designers to find an outlet to showcase their work to the public. Hence, we decided to create a “trunk show”; a small event for designers to display their work to a selected few before unveiling to the general public.

Ultimately, Trio Trunk Show celebrates local creative entrepreneurship, identifying modern-day trend-setting items that are of premium quality and of unique character.

5.   Who are the organizers behind Trio Trunk Show?
The Trio Trunk Show event is a collaborated effort between Echo & Keera, Bailey Nelson and Ard Krate.


6.   Who are the designers?
Trio Trunk Show 2013 presents Bailey Nelson Malaysia (Eyewear), Echo & Keera (Luxe Accessories), and Ard Krate (Space Furnishing).

7.  Why have these 3 particular brands collaborated?
Echo & Keera, Bailey Nelson and Ard Krate share a common attribute: Their products are contemporary, fashionable and exclusively designed by young Malaysian designers. The three creative entities were also ready to launch their line of products at the same time, and thus collaborated to launch the Trio Trunk Show to showcase their work under one mutual platform.

8.   What is Ard Krate?
Ard Krate explores the unique crafting & furnishing of functional art for interior spaces. The brand offers tailor-made carpentry products and furniture, focusing on raw, one-of-a-kind pieces.

With more than twenty years of woodworking and design experience across various industries, Ard Krate explores innovative creativity to no limit; fusing various elements together, experimenting with unconventional styles and stepping out of boundaries to create inventive pieces of wooden-style furniture. To know more about Ard Krate, visit ardkrate.com/home

9.  What is Echo & Keera?
Echo & Keera is an online store spearheaded by two women who love clothes more than anything else in the world.  Inspired to take over the world through fashion, Echo & Keera was born in 2012 over a cup of coffee and a shared passion for all the beautiful clothes; off and on the runaways. The duo decided to put their heads together and travel around the world to bring in limited pieces of apparels and accessories to the Malaysian market.  

Each and every piece of Echo & Keera’s jewelry is exclusively designed/Artisan crafted and hand finished lead and nickel safe. To know more about Echo & Keera, visit echokeera.com

10. What is Bailey Nelson Malaysia?
Bailey Nelson draws upon timeless style and design to bring you spectacles in the finest tradition yet affordable budget. Their frames are of the highest quality, ranging from classic styles to the latest trends, using premium Italian acetates and teflon coated 5 sprung hinges.  Whether it's a pair for the office or riding your bike to the local market in style- there's certainly a pair for every free thinker.

Based originally in Sydney, Australia, the team who brought Bailey Nelson to Malaysia is excited to launch its first exclusively designed range of spectacles at Trio Trunk Show 2013. To know more about Bailey Nelson, visit baileynelson.com.au.


11. What is the purpose of Trio Trunk Show?
Trio Trunk Show is a new movement for under-30 Malaysian entrepreneurs to bring forth innovation by showcasing modern-inspired design and cutting-edge craftsmanship under one roof.

12. What’s next? What’s the future for Trio Trunk Show?
We hope Trio Trunk Show will inspire more local entrepreneurs in the creative field to take part in expanding this new movement (hopefully hold a trunk show with Trio Trunk Show) and establish Kuala Lumpur as an internationally competitive trend-setting city.

13. Will there be more brands taking part next year?
That’s the plan - Our goal for future Trio Trunk Shows is to create a unique community of inventive designers who own a unique range of premium self-designed, contemporary items. 


Follow them on INSTAGRAM:

ARD KRATE: #ardkrate
ECHO & KEERA: @echokeera
BAILEY NELSON: @baileynelson_my


Table top, lamp and stool by ARD KRATE
Sunglasses from BAILEY NELSON

Necklace from ECHO & KEERA Luxe Collection

Show catalogue