Friday, 4 July 2014


A few weeks ago, the #GNO Gang; Michelle, Kimberley, Sheng Mae, Cynthia, Sandra Woo and myself were at Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur for a staycation to celebrate our #PradaPrincess' (it's Kimberley btw) BirdDay. 


And you know when girls get together we talk about EVERYTHING and that includes make-up and skincare routine. We started comparing products and routine but mostly learned A LOT from our very own make-up guru, Sandra Woo (we keep telling her to start a beauty blog). OMG, she can go on and on and on about what's the best serum or oil for which skin problem and the rest of us just listened and nods and take mental notes.

Before we went to bed, she taught me her night skincare routine and I was like... 


"Damn chat a lot, Babyyyy. It looks damn mahfan but I find it very therapeutic."


And her answer shuts me up


Sooooo... Thanks to Sandra Woo, my night and day skincare routine takes longer than usual now because I am now a Korean skin care routine convert, people!

So here's a list of products that I use daily now;

4) Eye Cream - Freshel Lift Moisture Eye Essence by Kanebo (Night only)
7) Moisturiser - Aloe Vera Gel or Dr. Jarts V7 Relief Vita Drop (Day) / Moist Steam Cream by Nature republic
8) Sleeping Mask - Water Sleeping Pack by Laneige (Night only)

I've timed my routine and it takes about 20-35 mins -__-". It's all about the layering, you guys!

But OMG guyssss... The result is just crazy awesome! This is probably the only time I feel good about my skin in my whole adult life! You know those little white thing you have under your lips, the little annoying ones? I used to have a lot and that area used to be rough. I'm also prone to breakouts around that area especially during hormone change. It's so annoying! But now, they've petty much cleared and I couldn't be more happy.

And now, as much as I hate to admit it, I look forward to my night skincare routine. Sandra was right, it is VERY therapeutic.

Thanks, Sandra. I love you!

Thursday, 3 July 2014


Sponsored Post

Shoes portray our character and fashion style at the first impression. Both women and men will have their own individual taste and preferences of footwear to wear to various occasions. However, there are only certain kinds of footwear which are appropriate for women to be worn to the office. It normally depends on the dress code and ethics set by the company. So what are the appropriate footwear which women could wear at work? As we all know, flip flop is definitely a No-No to be worn as it screams the inappropriateness at the workplace. Flip flop may be comfortable and stylish in its own way but wearing it to work will show a bad impression of you to others.

Among the footwear suitable for women to pair with work attires are heels, wedges and ballerina flats. Women could opt wearing heels or wedges to work especially when they have an important client meeting to attend. A beautiful pair of heels or wedges will definitely boost up your confidence and most importantly makes you appear more professional. Not only does it gives you a taller height but is fashionable to be paired with that pencil skirt or long flair pants. If you are not the type of lady who likes killer high heels, there is always the kitten heel which only goes for about 1 to 1.5 inches in height. The heel will still be manageable to walk in and covers the toes from being seen at the office.

Okay, I admit. I used to make fun of kitten heels. I hated it so much because, seriously, what's the point? Until I saw how chic it looked on Emanuelle Alt and Carine Roitfeld. I mean, who am I to disagree with the two most influential women in fashion? Really, shut your face, Baby!

Emmanuelle Art (pic via le fashion)

Meanwhile, ballerina flats are also suitable to be worn especially if you are in the office in front of your laptop the entire day. Ballerina flats not only is comfortable to wear but also quite stylish without jeopardizing your professionalism at work. The fashionista ladies could choose from the various materials offered in the market. The ballerina flats will be quite hard to pull off with your work outfit but make sure you own it with style such as New York's socialite, Olivia Palermo. The popular fashion darling always looks amazing anywhere she goes even in those ballerina flats. If you are aiming to wear it with pants, make sure that the pants are hemmed correctly to avoid looking ridiculous. 

(pics via Google Image)

If you are in dilemma searching for the right looking shoes to wear to work, try checking out ZALORA website as it offers you a wide range of shoes from various local and international brands. Here are my picks;

The best part is it will be delivered straight to your home within only three days! Hurry up and check them out!

Monday, 30 June 2014


 Look, Ma. I'm at KLFW

 Day 1: With my Sandra Woo taking a breather after the 3pm show.

1/2 of #GNO: Cynthia, Sandy and myself.

 With Natasha for Najeeb's show.

 Day 2: Ms. Verve and Ms. FV


 Bossman VPYP and Ms. FV

 Day 3: Jonathan Liang's After Party with Shir Chong and Tengku Syahmi.

 Day 4: After Farah Khan's AMAZING show.
 Day 5: Fresh from the runway. Wore a dress by Tengku Syahmi from his TS-FW14 Collection. So happy to  be wearing it.

With the designer himself. Thanks, Syahmi. :)

Thursday, 12 June 2014


 #GNO in Penang

 China House, Penang.

 Aidaa's 30.5th Space Cadet Birthday Party at Bait, Bangsar.

 JacintaBrandon's Housewarming Party.


 B & S at KingLiza's Wedding at KL Tower




Tuesday, 11 March 2014


 Birthday cake.
 Gone glamping with amazing people.

 Us at Caravan Serai, Bentong

 BBQ dinner



 Kimbleh in her natural habitat.

 We're 3!

 Reuben Stiller!

 Andy, myself and John Hafiz post Foals.

 Bumped into Teyn.

Got my hands on these and they're amazing!